Black Life Coaches Network Awards Dr. D Ivan Young 2017 Life Coach of the Year

· The BLC sets the standard for diversity in coaching, implementing
programs targeting multicultural populations

· According to Young, African-Americans historically do not seek
professional counseling or help because of perceived stigma attached

· Young is a bestselling author, relationship expert and motivational
speaker featured on TED
and the Huffington Post

Life Coaches Network (BLCN)
, one of the most respected life-coaching
bodies for urban America, Canada, The United Kingdom, Caribbean and
Africa, has named Houston-based Dr.
D Ivan Young, PhD
as its choice for Life Coach of the Year. The
award recognizes Young’s commitment to helping black people lead
extraordinary lives with life coaching.

“Dr. Young came to the Black Life Coaches Network in 2014 as a
bestselling author, exceptional relationship expert and entertaining
motivational speaker,” says BLCN President Dr. Towanna Burroughs.
“Today, Dr. Young is known as the Reality Check Doctor and you will find
him on TV One’s Fatal Attraction, hosting his own syndicated radio show
on KYND 1520 AM and touring nationally as America’s number one
relationship expert. The Black Life Coaches Network is proud to call him
the 2017 Coach of the Year.”

Young explains why African-Americans historically do not seek
professional counseling or help, it’s because of the perceived stigma
attached. His goal is to eliminate this stigma, offering coaching and
counseling to this often overlooked group. Dr. Young was born in Chicago
and grew up in Ft. Worth, TX. He’s a mentor to many, especially at risk
youth, and young African American men who grew up without strong male
role models. Over the years he’s coached thousands, ranging from single
moms, celebrities in entertainment and sports and executives from every
discipline imaginable. But he specializes in urban professionals who are
often the only, or one of few in their professional peer group. The
Black Life Coaches Network is the leading coaching association for
credentialed life coaches of color.

“For years, people of color, especially African-Americans, have resisted
seeking coaching and counseling when challenged with life issues,” says
Young. “Because of organizations like BLCN, global standards now exist
that differentiates non-qualified coaches through certification and
credentialed programs, and I am honored to both participate in this
innovative network and receive this award.”


Dr. D Ivan Young is a Certified Master Coach, Credentialed Master MBTI
Practitioner, and a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Practitioner as well as a best-selling author, relationship expert and
motivational speaker. Young specializes in personal goal development,
like creating life plans, life balance, relationships and careers, as
well as professional and business goals, like developing leadership,
brand development or starting a business. Young offers singles and
couples counseling, and group sessions focused on civil matters and
building cohesive work environment. Dr. D Ivan Young, PhD is the author
of Break
Up, Don’t Break Down
, Another
Chance; Where Would You Be Without One
and A
Time to Chill
, a guided meditation CD. To learn more about Dr. D
Ivan Young, PhD visit

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