Beall Research Wrongly Becomes Target of National Social Media Hate Campaign Due to Search Engine Results and Spelling Errors

Beall Research has nothing to do with hateful tweet about Texas

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The following statement is on behalf of Beall Research:

On August 28th, a person named Bruce Alan Beal tweeted a hateful comment
about Hurricane Harvey and suggested that the people of Texas were
welcome to drown. His company was named Beal Research. Unfortunately,
when people typed in ‘Beal Research,’ another company came up with a
similar spelling: Beall Research (spelled with 2 L’s). That company was
immediately inundated with phone calls, vicious emails and fake reviews
on Google.

“We received threats of violence, threats to shut our business down and
then the hate campaign turned to Google reviews,” stated Anne E. Beall
(CEO) of Beall Research. “People started posting fake reviews about us
saying that we were an awful company and that the owner was rude and
hateful. Beall Research has no affiliation with Bruce Alan Beal. He does
not work for this company and we do not condone this tweet in any way.
Beall Research supports all efforts to help victims of this recent
tragedy. We stand with Texas.”

About Beall Research

Beall Research is a strategic market research firm located in Chicago
Illinois. The company specializes in conducting qualitative and
quantitative research designed to help businesses answer strategic
questions about their markets.


Media Contact:
Anne E. Beall
Beall Research