Axalta’s “Global Automotive 2016 Color Popularity Report” Shows Strong Preference for Neutrals …. but Color Coming Back

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Axalta Coating Systems (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global supplier of liquid
and powder coatings, today released its Global Automotive 2016 Color
Popularity Report which confirms a continued global preeminence by
white, while hints of colorful hues enliven traditional neutral colors
to bring color back into the mainstream.

“We are seeing a clear preference for the neutral shades, but there is a
catch,” explains Nancy Lockhart, Axalta’s Color Marketing Manager. “We
are seeing colorful hues being added to these neutrals to create
eye-catching tones. Watch for tints and effects to add depth and beauty
to these neutrals in the future.”

Regional highlights from Axalta’s 2016 Color Popularity Report include:

  • Worldwide: White stays in first place on nearly four of every
    10 new vehicles.
  • Africa: Light colors are most favored here: silver and white
    combined make up 63 percent of new purchases.
  • Asia: In China, more than half of vehicles sold are white.
    Solid white is more popular than pearl white by more than 39
    percentage points. Conversely, Japan prefers pearl white (27 percent)
    to solid white (seven percent).
  • Europe: At 17 percent, gray is more popular here than any other
    region. Black is declining and now seven percentage points behind
    first place white.
  • North America: Gray is making a mark rising two percent in
    popularity and lengthening its lead over silver.
  • Russia: Beige/brown is at eight percent, just as in China. No
    other region reaches that mark.
  • South America: Green comes in at five percent, tied with Russia
    for green’s most popular regions.

According to Elke Dirks, Automotive OEM Color Designer for Axalta’s
Europe, Middle East and Africa region, Axalta uses the color popularity
data to assist customers in decision making. “Our trend reporting
enables Axalta to be nimble as we work with automakers on future
colors,” she said. “Understanding consumer preferences and trends
provides insights that help us forecast where consumer choices may be
heading in the years to come.”

“Consumer appreciation of color nuances such as the differences between
solid and pearlescent white across Asia reflects the subtle differences
among consumer preferences,” added Annie You, Axalta OEM Color Designer
based in China. “Awareness of these differences provides a constant
reminder that we need to continually review our color palette to keep
pace with discerning car buyers and with the automakers who rely on
Axalta for color choices.”

Axalta’s full Global Automotive 2016 Color Popularity Report can be
viewed and downloaded here:

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