Viernes 24 de Mayo 2019

Average 68.2 Years Old! Total Age of 341! Grandpa Idol Group from Kochi “G-POP from Kochi-ke ALL STARS” Releases Music Video for New All-English Song “I Was Young”

5 grandpas plan to rock worldwide! Spreading the message to the world
that “Life is Fantas-g-c”

*G means “elderly man” in Japanese.

KOCHI, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“G-POP from Kochi-ke ALL STARS” is an idol group of elderly men formed
in February 2016. They have been performing to make Japan “Po-g-tive”
from Kochi prefecture, that has the second highest percentage of senior
population in Japan.

For their first single, “Banzai Old Age!”, the total number of views on
YouTube exceeded five hundred thousand, gaining popularity from fans not
only in Japan, but also overseas such as in France, Mexico, Thailand,
and South Korea. They have created a new genre of Japanese pop called
G-POP and it became a hot topic on TV and social media.

Within this second single, members sing and dance to club music in which
the lyrics are all in English, and deliver the message that “Life is
Fantas-g-c” to the world.

“G-POP from Kochi-ke ALL STARS” members, who are ordinary grandpas
usually working as fishermen or Bamboo Union heads, challenge to make it
to the world in order to express how splendid it is to age and live
positive every second.

Music Video of “I Was Young” released on 24th

Lyrics of “I Was Young” by G-POP from Kochi-ke


We are G-POP from Japan
Living in Kochi-Ken
Great fish Great
Great Sake Great girls
This is my heaven

But time passes fast
How old are you?
60 70 80
Oh My God

I was young I was young
I was young I was young
I was strong I
was fast
Wow Wow Wow Wow
No No No No

We are G-POP from Japan
Can not speak English
Sky is blue
Don’t be afraid
Life is great
Throw your phone into the sea

When was my first kiss
When was it
I totally forgot it
My God

I was young I was young
I was young I was young
I was slim I
was beautiful
Wow Wow Wow Wow
No No No No

Life is like a rainbow
Life is like fireworks
Life is like a
shooting star
It’s short But It’s here

I am young I am young
I am young I am young
I am happy more
than ever
Wow Wow Wow Wow
Because you are here
Wow Wow
Wow Wow
Live until 200


Music Video of “I Was Young” by G-POP from
Kochi-ke ALL STARS

It doesn’t matter if you’re old!
Have fun with everything! Cars and dancing and singing! Full English
lyrics! Expressing how ”Life is Fantas-g-c” to the world.

concept of this music video is “Life is Fantas-g-c”. To change the
stereotype of “old people are only relaxing on their backs on the engawa
(Japanese balcony-like place)”, they ride convertible cars and dance
with the huge Kochi ocean to their backs. The dance was made with ”G” as
a motif, and the local specialty goods of Kochi are hidden in few scenes.

Profiles of the “G-POP from Kochi-ke ALL STARS”

Average age of 68.2! Total age 341!
aging society created a new idol group in which members’ ages add up to
a total of 341 years old. Members all live in Kochi prefecture, that has
the second highest percentage of senior population. However, they are
never negative about this and this positivity created “G-POP”. The
message of the first single was ”Make Japan Po-g-tive (positive)”, and
this time “Life is Fantas-G-c (fantastic)”. They spread “ener-g
(energy)” through Japan and to the world in spite of their age. Last
year, they even held a concert in Kochi.

Chief of sharing delicious food from the sea and mountain
Tanioka (68) (Chairman of Michi no Eki Ohtsuki Fureai Market exhibitor
joint council)
Created and works as a chairman of exhibitor joint
council of direct sales store “Fureai Market” in Michi no Eki “Ohtsuki”.
Joined G-POP thinking about promoting the Michi no Eki and Ohtsuki town
and the specialties of the town. You can meet the chief every third
Sunday at the “Fureai Market”.

Leader of enjoying Okushimanto region
Akira Ohtaka (66)
(Senior managing director of Nakatosa-cho Kaminokae fisheries
Man of the ocean with a cute smile. Managing
“Wakashiya” which you can experience the real fishing and fresh
delicious food from the beautiful ocean.

President of bamboo shooting union
Iwao Yamamoto (59)
(Kochi-shi Nanatsubuchi bamboo shoot processing partnership president)
youngest member of G-POP. Trying to make rare bamboo brand “Shihouchiku”
famous. Bright, frank and endearing personality.

Fisherman who loves Hiougai (Shellfish) too much
Deki (67) (Fisherman of Nakatosa-cho Hiougai)
Has been fishing
Hiougai for 34 years after being fascinated by its unique appearance and
splendid taste. He is shy but cannot stop talking when it comes to
Igossou *Fisherman *Dialect of Tosa explaining a spirited

Eternally full marathon runner
Hidetada Yamada (81)
Every year, he runs marathons in and out of Kochi
even though he passed 80 years old and he has ran through 47
prefectures. Bright, spirited, and wears jeans very well.

Promotion of Kochi-ke in 2016 “Kochi-ke has
positive power”

“Kochi-ke” started in 2013 with the
slogan “We are one big family in Kochi”. This describes the open-hearted
character of the people in the prefecture who appreciate others as one
big family.
This is the 4th year of this promotion, and
Kochi-ke is doing NIPPON POSITIVE PROJECT, which aims to make Japan
cheerful with the positive power Kochi-ke has, such as food, nature, and

Catch Phrase “Kochi-ke has positive power”
When you get
depressed, somebody tells me “It’s OK”.
We laugh out loud all the
We all take care of one’s suffering.
Kochi-ke has
positive power.
Now is the time to make Japan positive with Kochi’s
food, nature, and family.
There is something Kochi-ke can do for


Kochi-ke PR Office (Platinum K.K.)
Yuka Sugiyama, +81-3-5572-6071