Avec, the Experiential Dating App, Launches for iOS

New app allows users to browse by events, not profiles.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#NYCdating–Today marks the official launch of the iOS app Avec,
an experiential dating app that introduces people on the simple premise
of common interests. Users can invite other users to join them on dates
like restaurant reservations, Broadway shows, sporting events and
everything in-between. The Avec app first previewed in March 2016 at
SXSW amidst beta testers, influencers and media. Since then, the
developers at Avec have added additional functionality into the app
incorporating feedback from the influencers that previewed it.

Avec, derived from Middle French ‘avecques’ meaning ‘with’, was created
with the idea that people should choose dates based on common interests,
not just photo uploads. How it works is very simple: a user offers a
date for an activity or event they have tickets to. Through push
notifications in real time, the user sees the profiles of people
interested in the date and vice versa. With Avec, people can only browse
by events, not by profile, which is what makes the app so unique.

“There’s no reason that anyone should have to go out alone,” said Dr.
Rhett Silver, founder of Avec. “It might be easy to find people who
share your interests, but Avec takes it one step further by offering
matches who are equally interested in an activity you have planned. It’s
like finding a date for a date!”

Dr. Silver founded Avec when his date cancelled on him. “I was living in
Chicago and the city’s cyclists have a tradition they call L.A.T.E.
Ride, where they have thousands of riders going 25 miles across
downtown. I created my own tradition where I hired a rickshaw driver to
ride behind all of them while I drank wine. In my third year of doing
this, my date cancelled on me. It hit me then that many women in Chicago
would probably think it was a fun date idea, but now how to find one…”

Avec is now available live in the App Store for iOS and free for a
limited time. To download, visit avec-app.com.

About Avec

Avec is an experiential dating app that introduces people on the simple
premise of common interests. Derived from Middle French ‘avecques’
meaning ‘with,’ users can go to events they care about with people they
are curious about, simply by searching available events on a specific
date. With Avec, you’ll never need to go out alone again. For more
information, visit avec-app.com.


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