Author Dr. Leslie Norins Reports Book’s Online Poll Results That Any Future President’s AIDS Should Be Made Public

NAPLES, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The public strongly favors total medical transparency for a future
Presidential illness, even if it’s an infection like AIDS, which can
raise sensitive questions as to its source. That’s the finding of a
national online poll conducted for the just-published mystery novel,
“The President Has AIDS” (,
reports Dr. Leslie Norins, the book’s author.

The poll presented three options as to whether the public should be
informed about such an AIDS diagnosis: Yes, always inform; No, never
inform; or Yes inform — but only if the source were one of several
choices offered.

A significant majority, two-thirds (65.8%), of respondents said the
public should always be informed, regardless of the circumstances under
which a Commander in Chief acquired the HIV which led to AIDS.

In contrast, only about one-fifth (21%) said the public should not be
informed at all.

The smallest portion of poll-takers, 13.2 %, said the public should be
informed — but only if the HIV source were one of seven possibilities
presented. (These respondents could vote for more than one source as
meriting disclosure)

Highest ranked of these seven was “contaminated blood transfusion”
(62.2%). Second was “extramarital sex with a same-sex partner” (51%).

Two sources were tied for third place (48% each): “enemy plot” and
“personal drug abuse using contaminated needle.”

Then came “contaminated surgical instrument” (46.9%) and “extramarital
sex with opposite sex partner” (43.9%).

In last place was “sex with infected spouse” (38.8%).

The non-scientific online poll, open to anyone interested, was taken
October 14 through November 2. Dr. Norins declined to report the precise
total of respondents, but called it “substantial.”

He explained that the poll illuminates one of the two big challenges in
his book: White House insiders are grappling with whether the
President’s AIDS infection should be revealed to the public. The second
challenge is faced by the mystery’s medical detective, Dr. Martin Riker
— ferreting out the source of POTUS’s HIV. Just before the book ends,
its fictional President, Paul Ralston, does decide whether to reveal his
AIDS infection to the American people.

“The President Has AIDS by Leslie Norins, MD, is published by Medvostat
LLC, and is available at and bookstores. $14.95 paperback,
$9.95 Kindle. ISBN 978-0692758003. (


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