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As winter storm Stella approaches, GEICO asks drivers to take extra care

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Winter storm Stella will affect millions on the East Coast by this
evening, and GEICO
would like drivers to review this checklist to prepare for the inclement

Winter Driving Safety Checklist

  • Make sure your vehicle is visible: It can become unpleasant
    having to stand out in freezing temperatures to clean off a car;
    however, it’s highly important that your vehicle is visible to other
    drivers. Clear all headlights and taillights, and focus on all the
    windows so that you also can see properly. Drivers should note that a
    vehicle’s roof needs to be cleared as well to guard against chunks of
    snow flying off and potentially blinding nearby cars.
  • Increase following distances: All vehicles need more distance
    to stop on snow-covered and icy surfaces compared to dry roads.
    Additionally, falling precipitation can significantly compromise
    visibility, and drivers will need far more time to react.
  • Carefully scan road surfaces: Ice makes for some of the most
    dangerous driving conditions, and drivers should always remain on the
    lookout for slippery patches. Ice often forms in the shadows of trees,
    buildings and billboards. Ice also can form quickly on structures like
    bridges and overpasses.
  • Stay behind plows: Plows are busy attempting to make roads
    passable for other vehicles, and the operator could miss you if you
    attempt to pass. Additionally, some plows are wider than an actual
    lane, creating a side-swipe risk to vehicles that try to pass.
  • Consider staying off the roads: The National Highway Traffic
    Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends waiting to travel until the
    worst weather subsides if possible. Staying off the roads allows snow
    removal equipment to work more efficiently, and leads to more passable
    streets once you venture out later.

When weather conditions deteriorate, remember to take it slow – the
posted speed limit could prove to be unsafe. For additional winter
weather driving tips, check out GEICO’s winter
driving survival guide

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