Aptos Announces New Episode of Award-Winning Commerce of Caring Podcast

The Story of Shanta’s Safe House Shines a Light on Everyday Heroes
– and the People of Retail – Who Provide Rescue and Rehabilitation to
Human Trafficking Victims

award-winning Commerce
of Caring
podcast, which has taken listeners from the ravages of
civil war in the Congo to the devastation of Ebola in Liberia, announced
today the release of its latest episode, “Shanta’s Safe House.” In the
spirit of the podcast series, “Shanta’s Safe House” shines a light on
ordinary people bringing hope and a brighter future to vulnerable

The podcast journey begins with the grim reality of life in Nepal. “More
than half of the population of Nepal lives on less than a dollar a day,
and many children grow up with no sense of security,” explains Commerce
of Caring moderator Leo Camacho. For girls, the cycle of poverty is made
worse by their lack of opportunity for education or independence.

In their desperation to escape, thousands of Nepalese young women become
victims of exploitation. Traffickers approach these girls with promises
of employment and better lives in India. Instead of finding real
opportunities, however, most are sold into squalid brothels, forced to
live and work under abhorrent conditions.

Fighting back against this injustice is Shanta Sapkota, founder of the Peace
Rehabilitation Center (PRC)
, an organization committed to the rescue
and rehabilitation of victims of Nepal’s sex trade. The podcast
illuminates how Sapkota’s own experiences — including an arranged
marriage at age 12 — helped shape her mission.

In addition to Sapkota’s journey, the episode explains the help Sapkota
has received along the way, including her partnership with Free
for Life International
and RetailROI.

“Behind all darkness is light, and behind all light there is hope,” said
Gabrielle Thompson, executive director and CEO of Free for Life
International. “Since Free for Life began partnering with PRC in 2007,
over 890 women’s lives have been saved from the atrocious crime of

Critical to supporting Free for Life’s and PRC’s efforts is RetailROI, a
charitable group funded by companies in the retail industry. According
to Greg Buzek, co-founder of RetailROI and president of IHL Group, human
trafficking is an issue spanning geographies, industries and cultures.

“Why should the retail community care about what’s happening halfway
around the world? Because we’re all citizens of the same world,” said
Buzek. “Everything that we do at RetailROI is helping those who can’t
help themselves, as a start, and then helping them grow so they can help
themselves going forward. I can’t think of any opportunity that is
stronger in terms of rescue than taking somebody out of the hell of

To learn how organizations such as RetailROI, Free for Life and PRC are
making a difference in the rescue and restoration of human trafficking
victims, listen to “Shanta’s Safe House” at www.commerceofcaring.org,
on iTunes or through your favorite podcast app.

About Commerce of Caring

The Commerce of Caring podcast series from Aptos explores the
power and possibilities of positive change, and the unsung heroes who
are using it to create real opportunities for children in need. In
exclusive interviews and firsthand accounts, each episode features
stories of ordinary people making an extraordinary difference in the
lives of young people throughout the world by turning hardship into
hope. The series also shows how people across the retail industry are
supporting the efforts of these inspiring individuals through The Retail
Orphan Initiative (RetailROI) and their partner organizations. To
subscribe to this series or obtain more information, visit www.commerceofcaring.org.

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