Miércoles 19 de de Junio 2019

Announcement of the Criteria for Certifying the New Mino-Washi Brand and the New Brand Logos

Introducing Mino-Washi, a paper with 1300 years of history and yet new
possibilities, to the world

GIFU, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On Tuesday March 21st, the new criteria for selecting high
quality Mino-Washi
and the logos of three new brands were introduced at the World premiere
Mino Washi (Japanese Paper) Brand Exhibit. Mino washi is a Japanese
paper with a history of 1300 years. Made in the city of Mino in Gifu
Prefecture, its production technique has been designated as a Cultural
Heritage by UNESCO in 2014.

The exhibit, organized by the Minowashi Brand Value Improvement Research
Group, consisting of the Gifu Prefectural Government, Mino City, and the
Minowashi Brand Cooperative Society, is being held in five cities around
the world: Tokyo, Gifu, New York, Paris and Milan. On display are new
and existing products using Mino-Washi made by artists and designers
from various fields, including art, architecture and product design.
These products suggest different techniques and new ideas for
Mino-Washi. The Mino-Washi Brand Book, which tells the story of
Mino-Washi, are distributed on site, and through both the products and
the brand book, the exhibit brings new opportunities for Mino-Washi to
be used as a new material.

The new brand logos

A set of new and strict criteria were established for Mino-Washi, and
only those products that meet the criteria can be allowed to use the
logos of the new brands. The three new brands are “hon-minoshi Japan”,
“mino-tesukiwashi Japan” and “mino-kikaisukiwashi Japan”. The criteria
needed to be reached in order to be certified into these brands are the
production site, manufacturer, materials, quality, relation to the
environment, and the base paper used. Although the criteria is strict,
products with these logos will be marked as high quality Mino-Washi, and
will surely be recognized as a brand that can be appreciated throughout
the world.

The Mino-Washi Brand Book

Mino washi paper, having a history of 1300 years, was born in the
bountiful nature of the Mino region and has been created using the clear
waters of the Nagara and Itadori rivers of the region. It has a soft and
delicate texture, and yet it is strong and durable due to the use of
both vertical and horizontal rocking techniques during production. This
production technique also leads to its smoothness, and these are all
aspects that makes Mino washi paper truly appealing.

Not only can you learn about the three new brands of Mino-Washi through
the brand book, but you can also learn about the production techniques
and the meanings behind each logo, and even touch and feel the papers

You can download the brand book from the link. minowashi-japan.com


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