America’s Chief Child Protector Submits Formal Documentation to Trump Administration, SubscriberWise Confirms

The country’s leading protector of children victimized by identity
fraud, SubscriberWise founder, FICO global G.O.A.T., and award-winning
CEO David E. Howe seeks advisory role in Trump Administration

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ACA–SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications
industry and the leading provider of big
data, advanced-analytics, and business-rules technology
, announced
today that the company founder and CEO has submitted formal
documentation to President-Elect Donald Trump as child-identity-advocate
and Federal Trade Commission advisor.

“I simply can’t continue to protect the nation’s children alone,”
acknowledged David
, SubscriberWise founder and the nation’s prolific guardian of
children victimized by identity fraud. “But that’s exactly what I’ve
been doing relentlessly because the federal government and the
establishment politicians have failed to protect our children.

“Each and every day, hundreds of children are victimized by identity
fraud with ease and impunity,” Howe confirmed. “Our nation’s federally
regulated and elaborate information systems lack reliable and standard
technology controls to identify and prevent this child exploitation.
Many of these exploited children will suffer
entirely alone and entirely in silence
for years after the crime.
The majority of victims come from economically challenged families; I
believe this explains the government’s complacency and apathy.

“Regardless, it’s undeniable that the elected representatives are
responsible,” Howe emphasized.

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right about establishment politicians, recorded live in high definition
at the Tropicana Las Vegas hotel, April 8, 2016:
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“And, unfortunately, politicians are not the only enablers of unabated
child identity theft.

“Sadly, local police and prosecutors – despite their best and sincere
intentions – they
too are impotent and incapable of solving the problem
,” continued
Howe. “Why? Because the vast majority of these crimes are committed by a
parent or guardian. And that means to adequately pursue these cases in a
criminal court, it would require the re-victimization of the child
because there is a very real potential of having to subpoena the victim
to testify in court and against the parent or guardian (Howe is
currently involved in a criminal case involving this circumstance and
recently had a meeting with a handful of Ohio prosecutors following
child crimes that occurred at MCTV
and CenturyLink
. In the meeting, prosecutors confirmed that charging
the repeat-offender-parent-perpetrator with an identity-theft would
subject the child to additional victimization. Journalists who would
like to obtain the criminal docket and engage the State of Ohio should
contact SubscriberWise CEO David Howe.)

“Last week I submitted personal and employment information along with a
cover letter and resume to President-Elect Donald Trump,” confirmed
Howe. “I informed Mr. Trump that I will continue to serve as the de
facto U.S.
credit czar
. I also requested an advisory role with the Federal
Trade Commission. I explained to the President-Elect that I have deep
experience with FTC Red Flag rules. I included details of several child
crimes, among the hundreds and hundreds of I’ve been engaged during my
20-year career.

“Finally, I listed my salary demand for the President-Elect’s
consideration: $1.00 for the duration of the 4-year term.”

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