2017 Cintas Janitor of the Year Voting Closes in One Week

(NASDAQ: CTAS) 2017 Janitor of the Year award closes
on Friday, April 14. The nation’s top 10 finalists include a diverse
group of talented and dedicated school janitors. Vote for your favorite
janitor at www.cintas.com/JOTY.

“Every finalist has a story that pulls at your heartstrings and is more
than deserving of this award,” said Jillian Bauer, Marketing Manager,
Cintas. “With over 350,000 votes to date, it’s clear that America loves
their school janitors! It’s exciting to see students, faculty and
communities celebrate their local behind-the-scenes heroes and recognize
their hard work.”

The winner of the 2017 Janitor of the Year award will receive a $5,000
cash prize and $5,000 in products and services from Cintas and
Rubbermaid Commercial Products for their school.

The top 10 finalists in the 2017 Janitor of the Year Contest (in
alphabetical order) include:

  1. Wendy Boyden – Essex Elementary School (Baltimore)
    Chief of Essex Elementary, Wendy Boyden cleans every mess made after a
    brutal cold and flu season unlike any other janitor, and does so
    without a single complaint. Ms. Wendy shows off her hard work in the
    shiny hallways, spotless classrooms and tidy cafeteria of Essex
    Elementary where she is loved by each and every Essex Elementary
    student and staff member.
  2. John Dawson – Pepin Academies (Tampa, Fla.)
    Dawson is everyone’s friend at Pepin Academies, a tuition-free charter
    school for students with learning disabilities. John is known for his
    patience and rock-star advice, often taking troubled students “under
    his wing.” Whether a student needs a joke, high-five or some
    encouraging words, John is always there to help.
  3. Michael Eldridge – Deer Crossing Elementary School (New
    Market, Md.)

    Michael Eldridge is described as much more than
    a janitor; he’s a teacher, mentor, friend and an outstanding role
    model for the nearly 800 students at Deer Crossing Elementary. Michael
    is deaf and actively demonstrates that one’s disability never stands
    in the way of greatness. Michael is often teaching American Sign
    Language and creating secret handshakes with students and staff.
  4. George Hoffman – Seymour Middle School (Seymour, Ind.)
    Hoffman has provided students and staff with an extraordinarily clean
    learning environment at Seymour Middle school for nearly 50 years.
    Whether he’s maintaining the cleanliness of Seymour Middle School or
    out shopping at the local supermarket, George is always found with a
    contagious smile and positive attitude.
  5. Sauveur Jean – Woodmere Elementary School (Eatontown, N.J.)
    working as a school custodian for more than 20 years, Woodmere
    Elementary School’s “Mr. Jean” arrives at school each day with a skip
    in his step and a big smile on his face. Known as a motivator, an
    optimist, a class act and a friend, Mr. Jean always puts the children
    and teachers ahead of himself. As one teacher says, “without him, this
    school would be simply a building…with him here, this school is a
  6. Loy Lopez – Rio Rancho Middle School (Rio Rancho, N.M.)
    hardworking and personable are just a few words used to describe “Mr.
    Loy” Lopez. The enthusiastic self-starter makes himself available
    after normal hours and is always finding a way to bring positive
    change to the school – from brainstorming ideas on how to make the
    school’s recycling program more efficient to moving heavy furniture.
  7. Cecil Lovett – North Calloway Elementary School (Murray, Ky.)
    referred to as North Calloway Elementary School’s “Unofficial
    Grandpa,” Cecil Lovett provides students and staff with a flawless
    building and an endless supply of jokes and smiles. Cecil sets an
    example of what a true gentleman should be and builds strong
    relationships with students, faculty and staff. As a result, has a
    waiting list of students who wish to help him with his daily duties.
  8. Fred Nieves – Saint Bridget School (Framingham, Mass.)
    Nieves is more than just a janitor to Saint Bridget School, he is
    family. Rain or shine, sleet or blizzard, “Deacon Fred” greets the
    children at their cars each morning – opening car doors, helping get
    students out of car seats, helping students put on their backpacks,
    making sure they have their school projects and waving goodbye to
    parents – all to ensure the first moments of each child’s day is
  9. Ted Qualli Jr. – Newtown Elementary School (Newtown, Penn.)
    as the glue that keeps the school together, Ted Qualli has a special
    place in the hearts of Newtown Elementary’s students and staff. As a
    veteran, he can be seen showing his old uniform to students on
    Veteran’s Day and teaching them about his service to our country. He
    is also an avid gardener and each year brings in plants lovingly grown
    in his home garden for every student and teaches them how to care for
  10. Andy Wegner – Big Bend Elementary School (Big Bend, Wisc.)
    Manager at Big Bend Elementary, Fire Department Assistant Chief and
    Emergency Medical Technician, Andy Wegner is beloved by the Mukwonago
    community. Andy exceeds his custodial role at Big Bend Elementary by
    leading Fire Prevention Week, mentoring young students, fishing cell
    phones from restroom toilets, changing flat tires and encouraging a
    safe learning environment with his “Clean Classroom of the Month”

To vote, visit www.cintas.com/JOTY.

For more information about the Janitor of the Year contest, please
contact Jennifer Petersen at jpetersen@mulberrymc.com
or 312-664-1532. A high-res Janitor of the Year logo is available via
email or Dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i1iaygsa7jhla6l/AADHIsxW3YEF_6oV_tPAQBlQa?dl=0.

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