Miércoles 22 de Agosto 2018

La modelo que nació con una malformación en el rostro y hoy es sensación en Instagram

Ilka rompe los moldes y demuestra que no hay que ajustarse a un estereotipo para perseguir los sueños
La modelo que nació con una malformación en el rostro y hoy es sensación en Instagram
Convertirse en modelo es la mejor terapia para reforzar su autoestima.
Foto: Instagram

La alemana Ilka Brühl es la nueva sensación en Instagram. Esta modelo de 26 años nació con una extraña malformación que consta de una grieta facial, los conductos nasales malformados y la carencia un conducto lacrimal. Pero desde que descubrió el arte de la fotografía, sus followers en Instagram no pararon de crecer hasta casi rozar los 22 mil.

Brühl nació con displasia ectodérmica, un desorden genético que afectó su estructura facial y por la que atravesó 10 operaciones. Durante su infancia y adolescencia tuvo que suportar un bullying que parecía interminable y que repercutió en su autoestima, su seguridad y su capacidad para hacerse amigos.

I think EVERYBODY is beautiful in her or his own way. Never mind if you are a classic beauty, tall, small, stout, thin, black, white,… Except mean people, but that's another story. I read many mean comments in the last days about people like me. Don't worry they don't hurt me , I swear. But I know that other persons, who can't only laugh about such nonsense get them too. And that's the point where I get really really angry. So I will never stop to remind the world that EVERYONE is beautiful! Therefore I decided to show a baby photo of me. Because you see my "defect" there better. Furthermore I get many direct messages with the question why I look like I do. At first I hesitated to show this because some of you think that's too much. But that is wrong, it should be as normal as every other baby picture. So you see I have to remind myself too at times. And I won't stop until more people think like me. I had a facial cleft. In my own simple words it means that when my mum was pregnant, she got ill and that influenced the devoloping of my face. 1 of 1000 people have this. It's quite common. The small tubes in my nose were there because my airways were overgrown. So the first few month I lived in the hospital until it was sure that I breathe on my own. After ten operations I was looking like today. But that's nothing I'm proud of because I only remember the last three. I am proud of my parents who helped me through this. #everyoneisbeautiful

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Sin embargo, gracias a una sesión de fotos en 2014, descubrió su pasión por el modelaje y lo que comenzó como unas pruebas para unos amigos la llevó a mostrarse tal y como es en las redes sociales.

Just some thoughts because I post so many photos of me lately: I was always a very shy person with no self-confidence. Don't worry I don't wallow in self-pity because it is my own decision how I interact with others (I know by now 👏). But it wasn't easy to get this in my head. Photography helped me a lot, it was like a therapy. Both ways, to stand in front of a camera and to take photos. It shows me that every defect and mistake is a part of you and that's okay. Make the best of it ✅ So sorry for all the photos, but I need this because this is a long process. I'm on my way but there are still some obstacles to overcome. If you are not interested in this story I totally understand this, but then it is the best to leave my page for a while. And I want to thank you for all your lovely comments. I'm so sorry that I don't answer you at the moment. But every single comment means a lot to me and helps me on my journey. You are great 😍 Sorry for this long post, but I had to say this🎈💗 Photo: @sinanikita Model: Me

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En su página web, Brühl señaló que cuando se dirigía a su primera sesión tuvo miedo de que la fotógrafa se asustara al ver su rostro. Sin embargo, al estar delante de la cámara aprendió que “cada defecto y cada error” forma parte de uno mismo y que hay que aprovecharlo para “sacarles ventajas”.

Ser modelo, según cuenta, le sirvió como una forma de “autoterapia” y espera que su mensaje de tolerancia y autoaceptación llegue a todos los rincones del mundo. “Nunca dejaré de recordar que cada ser humano es precioso”, afirma.

From a wonderful day with lovely @gipsy.photography 😍💗 Had so much fun. I have that kind of expression like I know something nobody else knows…I think 😂 Photo: @gipsy.photography Model: me 🎈 #portrait #portraitphotography #photography #rsa_portraits #vscocam #yo_avvou_drawmemaybe

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