Florals in winter? Why not?

I know you’re probably thinking that it’s  somewhat of an early start to begin bringing out our floral prints, correct? Well, I beg to differ indeed! Just like every other fashion myth you’ve possibly ever heard before like, for example, the “no white” after labor day or “don’t mix prints” while styling an outfit. Those and many more are ancient fashion rules that were meant to be broken, and if they weren’t then you, my friend,  are a rebel in the making.

Soon you will start seeing that the floral print will make a huge comeback, I mean how can you resist such a bold feminine print that goes great with just about everything? Floral print is definitely a timeless classic that for many can be very intimidating, to say the least. If you’re not too keen of approaching a head-to-toe floral look (wish I don’t blame you) there is no need to worry, I’ll show you different ways you can incorporate this print without looking outdated or tacky.


There are many ways of achieving  the perfect look when incorporating floral prints! For starters, limit yourself to one piece of clothing to be your statement floral piece, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm your outfit.


Your next step will be adding pieces that will compliment your already bold look while keeping you warm at the same time. A great option is fur! Faux fur, of course. This will turn your look in a very chic and sexy way.


You do not have to limit yourself to only wearing pants as your floral option. There are many pieces to choose from when looking to incorporate such print in your look! Dresses, skirts, jackets even shoes are a just a few options to choose from.


Being that this print is such a strong statement, you want to make sure to keep your makeup and hair very sleek and simple. There are many different styles for hair and makeup to choose from, don’t panic! Same goes with accessories, keeping things at a bare minimum will take you a long way.


When it comes to footwear, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of colors! Make sure it’s a solid color so that it doesn’t clash with your outfit. As usual, always have fun styling your outfit and make sure to add your very own personal touch. (Similar)(H&M) Pants,  (Similar)(F21) Top, (Similar)(BCBG)Fur Vest, Bag, (Similar)(Sergio Rossi)Shoes.