Viernes 18 de Enero 2019

Get The Look: Song Of Style!

Get The Look: Song Of Style!

Recently, there has been an increase in popularity of independent fashion bloggers whose love for all things fashion has beyond exceeded expectations of readers and fashionistas alike. One of those fashion bloggers has given the blogger world a completely new way of how we see fashion differently. It might be her charisma, her obvious talent of mixing prints and patterns never thought possible, or maybe just the way her love for what she does shows a mile away. Whatever the reason might be, there is no denying that the super popular Aimee Song, best known as Song of Style has an admirable taste in fashion.

Aimee song, the Editor in chief of her own fashion blog (Song of Style) has reached much success doing what she loves. Aimee started blogging in 2008 while studying interior architecture and working at a design firm all at once. Her intentions were originally to start a decor blog but after the high success obtained with her daily outfits posts she quickly switched to a personal style blog.


One of the latest trends that you should indeed give a try to is the modern day menswear trend. It’s super chic and fun to wear, not to mention how comfortable it is. Aimee definitely gave this menswear trend a super cool touch by adding the hat. Trench Coat, Pants, Shirt, Vest, Booties, Hat, Bag Photo Credit: Song of style


What’s not to love about a casual outfit that’s both cute and versatile? Can never go wrong with comfort, right chicas? Blazer, Shirt, Jeans, Heels, Flowers. Photo Credit: Song Of Style


There is always the option to wear flats for comfort and still look gorgeous. Aimee is a true believer that one does not necessarily have to wear sky high heels in order to look at one’s best, flats are also acceptable. There you have it, no more excuses chicas! Boyfriend Blazer, Jeans, Belt, Flats, Bag. Photo credit: Song Of Style 


Think about sleek and chic, this look gives you exactly that! Perfect for dates, events or gatherings. If you’d like, you can substitute the sandals for a pair of booties or pumps.  Skirt, Shirt, Vest, Heels, Bag. Photo Credit: Song Of Style 


With spring just a few weeks away, this look will definitely be the perfect welcome outfit! You can choose to add a leather jacket or a blazer of your choice.  Skirt, Top, Sandals, sunglasses. Photo Credit: Song Of Style