Get the Look: Zoe Saldana

Get the Look: Zoe Saldana

Born in Passaic, NJ to Dominican and Puerto Rican parents, the very talented 36-year-old mother of two Zoe Saldana has indeed earned her way to the top in becoming one of the most loved and respected actresses in Hollywood and around the world. Saldana’s first role came in 2000 in the film (Center Stage), but it wasn’t until 2009 where she appeared in two high-profile roles which considerably raised her profile (Star Trek and Avatar).

When it comes to fashion and style, Zoe is not one to shy away from cameras and fashion trends. Although a very “low key” celebrity, Saldana loves making a big impression and indeed a huge fashion statement when walking the red carpet or when socially hanging out during her free time. Zoe’s style is inarguably one of a kind making her one of the very few celebrities who always gets it right on the red carpet. Zoe is not afraid of trying different styles and playing around with prints and statement pieces.

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Zoe knows all about comfort and style, no doubt about it. That’s why we will always see her mixing casual pieces with a few couture pieces, and she sure does a great job at it. Similar items:  Coat, Pants, Top, Pumps. Photo credit: Pinterest

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Talk about sexy without really showing too much! This look is total perfection for just about anything, grey has definitely been the it color of the season. Top, Skirt, clutch, Sandals, Earrings, Belt. Photo Credit:@fashionimagined

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If there is a fabric that will never ever go out of style is lace. Lace is very feminine and has that delicate feel to it, doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the best spots in the city or if you’re just out with a few friends in town, you will not be dissapointed! Top, Bow, Skirt, Pumps. Photo Credit: @Zoesaldanadfanp

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There are indeed many ways to look absolutely amazing without trying too hard, do we agree chicas? I completely understand that there are times when all we want is to walk out the door and not be bothered with clothing, but at the same time would hate to look like we just rolled out of bed and wrapped ourselves with whatever was in sight! This outfit will help you accomplish a very clean and chic look without trying too hard! Can never go wrong with a pair of boyfriend jeansCoat, Jeans, top, Clutch, Pumps. Photo Credit: Pinterest

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With spring right around the corner, Zoe definitely is of great inspiration to start this beautiful season in style. Pants, Blazer, Shirt, Shoes. Photo Credit:Pinterest