Domingo 17 de Febrero 2019

City Girl Style!

City Girl Style!

What’s not to love about the city and what’s not to love about a girl with style? The answer is very simple, there’s everything to love and absolutely nothing to dislike unless you’re into wearing clothing that’s more suitable for a farm. A city girl can definitely be spotted wearing leather pants, the most outstanding pair of heels and a statement clutch. A great example of such style can be best appreciated by looking at fashion icons like Sarah Jessica Parker, June Ambrose & Anna Dello Russo just to name a few. Dressing up as a city girl might sound somewhat intimidating, but in reality it’s much aboout being able to go from casual to cool in a heartbeat. As oppose to other styles, you can incorporate your most daring, bold and exaggerated pieces into your look without being afraid to be too “over” the top. On the other hand, wearing a very clean and chic outfit can also fit into this particular style. Always keep in mind that it’s not entirely in what you’re wearing but more so in letting your personality shine through, and always feeling comfortable and confident in the skin you’re in. green1Incorporating colors into your look is always a great idea. Don’t be afraid of neon colors and statement pieces, even if it’s winter.

cutyAs with any other fit, incorporating personal pieces that speak your style is always a plus. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing pieces that are simply too much for your preference, don’t worry it’s absolutely fine! Like stated above, simple and chic also works.

new1  A nice clutch and accessories are indeed a “must have”. A handbag or backpack can also be utilized if you prefer, whatever speaks your style and makes you feel awesome, that’s the whole point here.

autot  Sweaters are always a great way to achieve that “city girl” look, especially if they’re turtle neck. A faux fur coat or a long coat paired with a floppy hat will indeed be an amazing idea.


Ultimately, choose a style that will reflect who you are, above all. Complete the look by adding nice makeup and you’ll be on your way to becoming a city girl in no time. To achieve this look, I purchased a turtleneck sweater from H&M, Faux leather leggings from Zara, Neon pumps from (Shoemint) Similar from, Clutch from (Aldo) Similar from DSW.