Ways to look flawless, even when it’s cold outiside

Ways to look flawless, even when it’s cold outiside

I know for a fact that many of us if given the chance to move to a state or country where there is no snow or frigid climate, we would jump on the opportunity in a heartbeat, or am I wrong chicas? Bad news is, we’re still here and unfortunately for us, we have to continue the daily struggle of dealing with all that mother nature sends our way. Great news is, we can still look stunningly gorgeous even if it’s negative zero degrees outside.

There are numerous ways to look super cute and chic even when we have to cover up like a burrito. We can always accessorize with different cute items like a nice hat, scarf, gloves or even a pair of furry boots. Like stated before, accessories will either make or break your look! If you’re not exactly in the mood to layer up too much but have concerns of freezing your little behind, you can always wear clothing that will keep you warm while still looking cute. Fabrics like wool or fleece will definitely do the job, try to stay away from cotton if you’re looking to stay warm. A great way to also keep yourself cozy is to wear leggings and a long sleeve top under your outfit.


Don’t let the cold weather or snow ruin your fun! Layering cute pieces like a turtle neck sweater and a cropped  jacket will definitely do the job.


Always have fun with the colors you choose to wear! Just because it’s winter does not mean you can’t rock cool and fun colors. Give those boring winter colors a rest, step out of your comfort zone and explore different fashion possibilities.


As usual, don’t forget to add your personal touch by accessorizing! A nice clutch or your favorite ring (s) will take your outfit from boring to cool real quick. The whole point is to have a great time putting your outfit together.


When it comes to footwear, you don’t necessarily have to go for heels or uncomfortable shoes. A cute pair of flats or nice flat boots will do just fine. An alternative to wearing open toe booties is to wear socks with them, yes, you read right, socks!!


And there you have it Chicas! There shall be no more excuses to not look your best even if it’s freezing outside. You can get similar or same items I’m wearing Here: Jacket (Zara) Similar, Sweater, Pants (H&M) Similar Booties (Easy Pickins) Similar Clutch (Aldo) Similar.