Color Block Fun!

When it comes to color blocking there are no set rules to follow other than making sure to have fun  while doing it. I might, however, have to rephrase that and say that as long as you have minimal common sense and not go out looking like a rainbow, you should be fine. The best way to color block your outfits is to utilize the primary colors (Red, Blue and Yellow) There is a color wheel available if you’re feeling a bit unsure or insecure about putting colors together.

There are 2 types of colors: primary, which are yellow, blue and red. Complimentary, which are green, orange and purple. All together they form what is called a “color harmony”. All this means is that as far as visual experiences goes, harmony is “pleasing” to the eye, It’s a balance in the visual experience. When color blocking, your goal should be to create a simple yet chic look utilizing statement pieces and bold colors. You can start with your two main colors, a neutral and a bright. Your next step will be adding accessories.


Relax Chicas! You no longer have to match your top with your belt and shoes, that is so 1990’s. You will not be fined or ticketed for not having matching colors. Let’s break a few rules.


You can always let accessories do the talking! Using bright and bold colors while accessorizing will definitely brighten up your look. Don’t be afraid to use a few bright or pastel colors during winter months, you’ll get extremely bored of wearing all black and brown all season long.


I know that the idea of pairing bright colors might sound or even look a bit insane at first, but you can definitely start by taking baby steps into color blocking. Shown above are very basic color blocking colors, but the print of the bag and a pair of killer heels makes it stand out that much more.


Chicas, remember, color block only means creating a look using complimentary and contrasting bold and bright hues of colors together. Its really not that hard.


There are endless ways and a variety of colors to choose from when color blocking. When done the right way, it can totally be a head-turner, just make sure to have fun with it. Blazer from Zara with a similar version from Target can easily be paired with a pair of red pants from forever21 and leopard pumps from Finish the look by accessorizing with a Similar print bag from Newlook