For the love of your Boyfriend- Jeans

So what exactly is all the talk and commotion about the so called “boyfriend” jeans and why are so many girls having such a hard time adjusting to this trend? If you’re one of those out there that are feeling this way and beyond terrified to look like an alien marching its way down the spaceship, just know you’re not alone. In fact, there are many girls that won’t even consider the possibility of trying on a pair.

Let me make one thing clear Chicas before I continue my attempt in persuading you onto letting  go of the Boyfriend Jeans fear:  boyfriend Jeans are in no way, shape or form meant to give your body a voluptuous shape with an apple bottom! Actually,  they’re supposed to do the complete opposite. Think about it this way Chicas, it’s like you’re stealing your boyfriend’s jeans, literally! So yes, they’re intended to look big, so if your concern is looking a little masculine and somewhat messy, then you’re absolutely on the right track. There is always a twist to almost everything in life, fashion included! Your Boyfriend jeans don’t have to necessarily be big, as long as you have a straight leg cut with a few ‘rips’ (optional) and not extremely body hugging, then you’ve got yourself a pair of boyfriend jeans with a twist.

boyfriendLike mentioned above, Boyfriend Jeans does not necessarily have to look too big or even feel big. When on the hunt for a pair of these super loved jeans always go up at least 2 or 3 sizes, if  you don’t want them looking too “baggy” just go up 1 size.


This look by all means should look comfortable and effortless. Don’t try too hard to incorporate pieces that will make the outfit look too “busy”. The main focus should absolutely be on the jeans.


When it comes to accessorizing,  you might want to limit yourself to the minimum. Just choose one main item to make it your statement piece, either a big chunky scarf, a floppy hat, metallic heels or a cute handbag.


Always have fun when trying to put pieces together, think outside the box and incorporate pieces that speak your style and personality, you’ll end up loving the results, for sure!

feaGive those skinny jeans a rest and hop on the boyfriend wagon. Jeans from H&M with a Similar pair Here will go great with a sweater from Gap and a white blazer from H&M with a similar version Here. A nice addition to this look were definitely these metallic Giuseppe Zanotti pumps with a cute Quilted bag from Armani Exchange with a similar version Here.