I grew up hating my curls

My hair is what the dominicans call “pelo malo”, bad hair, and even though I am not Dominican I surely didn’t grow up loving my curls, quite the opposite. I wanted to have long, silky, straight hair like the Disney princesses or the protagonists of the soap operas I grew up watching. As a girl and well into my teen years, I wished I had been born with straight hair. This is why I personally applaud the new Dove line (and campaign) targeting curly hair.

It’s extremely important for girls of all races, complexions and hair types to truly feel they’re wonderful just the way they are and nothing sends a stronger message than the example and feedback of those around them.

With the hashtag #LoveYourCurls Dove and its new line of hair care products specially design for curly and textured hair, Quench, extend a wonderful invitation to all curly chicas to embrace and rock their hair. Remember: you are perfect, just the way you are.