Domingo 17 de Febrero 2019

Cats are THE BEST and this Russian ball of fur proves it

Cats are THE BEST and this Russian ball of fur proves it

There are only two kinds of people in this world: dog people and cat people. Even those who say they like ALL animals (you know biologist, veterinarians..people who have never seen an anaconda in person) have a preference for either. I, personally, am much more of a cat person and this Russian kitty is just another example that probes I am on the right side.

Cat haters would use the felines’ independent spirit again them and acuse them of being “careless pets.” Well this tabby cat in Obninsk, Russia, proves them totally wrong. The cat found a baby abandoned in a cardboard box and climbed inside to keep the little one warm (it’s about 30 degrees.) But he didn’t stop there, no, he mewed until he got some of the resident’s attention.

Masha, such is the name of our hero. followed her maternal instincts and save the baby’s life. She’s described by those who know her as very placid and friendly. Dog lovers might say it’s only Russian cats that are like that. Haters gonna hate.

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Without further adieu meet super cat Masha