Martes 21 de Mayo 2019

A Black & White affair

A Black & White affair

The black and white contrast has to be without a doubt one of the classiest color combinations of all times. Throughout the years, this match has been the traditional color for formal events, I mean can you ever go wrong with black and white? Absolutely not! One of the best features of this combo is that it will never go out of style which is a huge plus when it comes to re-using items in our closets. No matter if you’re opting for a dress, pants and a shirt, or just a casual denim look, black & white will always look elegant and sophisticated.

If you ever feel the need to splurge or rather “invest” in something timeless that you will indeed be able to utilize for any event or occasion and is very unlikely to let you down would be in a black & white piece, Trust me!

There is no formula required or certain guidelines to follow when dressing in Black & White, all you really need is a little creativity and a few tips which I will share with you.


If you’re looking to make a stylish statement, whether to keep yourself cozy or just to look fabulous, a sweater with sophisticated knits and or details will absolutely make that impression.


For a fresh, polished look, you can pair a solid white top with a black bottom or vice versa. You can even opt to wear all black with a white coat or blazer (as shown above) you can definitely play around with the pieces to your liking and taste.


Word of advice Chicas, the point here is not to look like a waiter or an employee at a prestigious company. It’s perfectly fine to play with proportions and add your own kick. Stay away from looking too “basic” or plain, choose pieces that have fun silhouettes and textures.


Although I’ve stated that the black and white combination is an amazing way to create a flawless look, do keep in mind your skin complexion and tones, you don’t want the clothes to “overpower” you or take away from your natural features. Stay away from bold prints and graphics, solid colors with bold textures works best, choose wisely!


It can all easily be obtained by adding a white coat from Sheinside (Similar) with a pair of the super cool ripped black denim from Topshop a cozy knitted sweater from Macys with a (similar) Quilted bag from Express finished with a pair of (similar) snake print cap toe heels from Guess.