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6 awesome Instagram accounts to inspire the curly chicas

6 awesome Instagram accounts to inspire the curly chicas

I have a confession to make: one of the any “unspoken” New Year’s Resolutions is to have an even more awesome afro. Let me elaborate, I decided to embrace my natural hair back in 2009 and will never go back to straightening- however it wasn’t until the end of last year that I started paying close attention to my curls. Before then, I used to wash my hair three times a week, use regular shampoo, tons of conditioner and finish my basic routine with coconut oil. Yeah, I have a pretty cool ‘fro, but it’s definitely not the best it can be. So, I have decided to follow some awesome curly hair chicas and get inspiration on hair products, colors, treatments and tricks– hopefully I’ll have longer, healthier more beautiful cults by the end of 2015.

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Sun Kiss Alba

The lovely Dominican blogger visited us in our offices a couple of months ago and gave us very concrete awesome tips on how to take care of curly hair. She’s all around gorgeous and I definitely love her natural approach when it comes to beauty (cruelty free!!).

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Curl Box

Whether you chose to spend your money on well-known brands, experiment with organic options or decide to become a DIY expert, curly hair takes time, care, effort and yes, investment. This blog makes it easier (more affordable) for curly chicas to explore new hair products. Short, long, colored, braided, Curl Box’s Instagram is definitely a great inspiration.

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Miss Rizos

Carolia, CEO of Miss Rizos, was born in the DR but grew up in USA. It was her own experience of transitioning (from chemically straightened back to naturally curly hair) that inspired her to start Miss Rizos. Beyond a beauty blog, Miss Rizos speaks to embracing who you are. She recently opened the first (of hopefully many) Miss Rizos Salon in the DR.

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Miss Brit

I came across NYC model’s Instagram profile but mere accident, and I’m so glad! Not only is she drop-dead pretty, but also we are on the same path (achieving longer, curlier and healthier hair.) The fact that she is a million steps ahead, serves as great inspiration.

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Summer Kellsey

Fashion and beauty Youtube Vlogger, she started her channel after unsuccessfully googling tips for curly hair. “Good hair day spent in the house. Isn’t that how it always goes?” reads the cap on this picture. 

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Naturally Curly

From readers’ pictures to wedding hairstyles, this site is the perfect place to get the perfect hair do. Inspiration, tips, and articles for different hair textures (because not all cults were created equal) all wrapped up nicely in one spot.