Fashion Resolutions

OMG Chicas! We’re literally just a few hours away from celebrating a new year and for many of us this means a new beginning and most definitely a new journey to success. With every new beginning there is always a list of resolutions that we certainly look forward to checking off. Whether it is to lose weight, answer texts faster, drink less, live more or whatever the case might be, sometimes we tend to make unrealistic resolutions and end up quitting before even starting! That should not be the case when it comes to fashion resolutions.

I can almost guarantee that nearly everyone reading this post has an unbelievably amount of clothes, shoes and accessories that have not been worn or used in the last 8-12 months and if that’s the case, then you my friend have some serious cleaning up to do and the best way to start is to sort out all the things that you definitely NEED and a few items that you definitely WANT.



The first step towards having a successful life is being organized (literally). Same applies to the “fashion world” your first fashion resolution should definitely be organization, it’ll let you find things faster and believe it or not, it will save you at least 5 minutes in the morning when you’re rushing trying to get somewhere fast. Let’s start with the shoes, if space is a problem and having too many shoes is an issue for you, this shoe storage chest will neatly fit up to 12 pairs of shoes right under your bed.


A great way to keep your daily outfits in order to find them in advance and  immediately is to have at least one of these hanging shelves. Theses are conveniently stacked with an open front for easy view. You can also keep your daily essentials like pajamas or tank tops.


This Acrylic Makeup organizer will indeed be your new BFF! it’s great to keep all your favorite makeup in one place. You can also utilize this to store buttons, pins, or any small necessities that you might have.


Which better and stylish way to keep your jewelry organized than with this little black dress jewelry organizer? This piece conveniently hangs to help maximize space and swivels for easier access to your favorite pieces.