The only beauty routine you must try this winter

It’s cold out and our skin can feel it! As seasons change, so should your skin care regimen. We talked with Cynthia Rivas, M∙A∙C Senior Artist, who gave us the best tips to rescue your skin during this winter season. Do you want to read something even more awesome? Cynthia also shows us the only step by step routine that we must try during this cold season. If you have an oily skin, you should follow hers tips. If your skin looks like the Atacama Desert, then you must definitely try this skin care regimen. Enjoy it!

– Exfoliate: Use a mild exfoliator to remove any dry and dead skin from the surface of the skin. Dead skin can act as a shield and will not allow moisturizers and serums to penetrate deep into the epidermis.

– Serums: A serum, like M∙A∙C Prep +Prime Moisture Infusion, is an extra concentrated formula that helps with hydration and conditioning while plumping the skin for a smoother look. Think of it as a boost of vitamins and hydration for the skin. You can mix a few drops into your beauty_2favorite moisturizer or you can apply it directly to the skin.

– Moisturizer: Moisturizer acts as a sealant, which helps the skin retain its water content and protect from the cold air. A moisturize works best as the last step of the skin care regimen. One of my favorite winter moisturizers is M∙A∙C Studio Moisture Cream. It’s a super rich creamy formula that moisturizes and is packed with ingredients like green tea and coconut that moistens firms and protects the skin. It works well under makeup because it’s non-greasy. Win win!

– Lip Conditioner: This should also be a part of your day and night skin regimen. It’s very important to remember to hydrate and moisturize your lips, especially during the winter. Look for ingredients like Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and Almond Oil to keep lips from chapping.

– Foundation: Foundation can also affect the way your skin feels and looks. Keep in mind that there are many foundation formulas available for different skin types. Skin may become dry and less vibrant during the winter, so it’s good to switch to a foundation that will not only make the skin appear radiant, but will also protect and nourish it. I recommend a foundation that has moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter and formulas that have a satin finish, like M∙A∙C Mineralize Moisture SPF15 foundation. If you set your makeup with powder, use a powder that is less matte, which leave a subtle sheen on the skin and will help prevent dry looking skin.