Martes 18 de de Junio 2019

Holiday Edition: The party girl!

Holiday Edition: The party girl!

OMG Chicas!! How exciting, we are officially just a few days away from the holidays and I’m truly hoping everyone is ready to have an amazing time. I would also love to assume that by now everyone is pretty much done with all their holiday shopping, if not, no worries you my dear are not alone. Throughout these past few weeks I have been giving you ladies a few holiday outfit ideas for the “Girly Girl“, “Chic Girl“, “Sophisticated Girl“, but what about my party girls? Those that are and like to be the life of the party and love to shine bright like a diamond? Of course I didn’t forget you, I mean how could I?

There are indeed tons of options out there when it comes to holiday outfits, but I know you must be thinking who really has the time to sit and venture through hundreds of options without going completely insane. One very easy and cool way to dress this holiday season is to incorporate sequined pieces to your look. It’ll add interest and total fabulousness to your outfit.


A fun and flirty sequin dress is the one piece that should always be in your closet! Figuratively and literally you will be shining all night or even all day long, that’s what party girls do after all, own it!


When it comes to accessories, this might be one of the very few times where you want to limit yourself to the bare minimum. Remember chicas, classy over trashy any day! A nice clutch, simple earrings and a ring or bracelet will do just fine.


When it comes to sequins you do not have to limit yourself to just a dress, you can choose anything from sequined maxi skirts, tops, pants, blazers, options are indeed endless. Make sure to choose a piece that you will feel comfortable with.


Don’t be afraid to show some skin! Absolutely nothing wrong with being sexy as long as you do it in moderation. As with any other look, shoes are the ultimate statement piece even if it involves wearing open toe heels, unless the party or event you’re attending  will be held outdoors in a 25 degrees weather (If that’s the case I would suggest covering up a little more!) This amazing dress from Xenia with a similar option from Choies can easily be paired a pair of detailed sandals, pumps or booties from (pair shown in pictures are from an old style from zara) and a similar clutch from Asos