Sábado 25 de Mayo 2019

Sorority Sisters, reinforcing every single stereotype

Sorority Sisters, reinforcing every single stereotype

This is the thing: I’m not pretty sure what a sorority is. I mean, of course I have a general idea but in Latin America, we don’t have them. The problem is, the idea I have of them is pretty stereotypical- in the worst possible sense. The truth is, I’m not alone on this. If you just use the word sorority in a sentence, I only can imagine a young, beautiful white, blonde cheerleader. Yup, sorry girls but that is exactly what Hollywood does in the minds of rest of the world. Until now: VH1 just launched a new really show calls Sorority Sisters. And no, there is not one single white girl on it. Only Afro-Americans women. Say what? 

As I told you, I don’t have a clear idea what a sorority is. So earlier today when I saw the hashtag #SororitySisters, my first thought was that (maybe) something had happened. Something bad. But nope. The hashtag was about the new reality show and let me tell you, most people hate it. And I’m pretty sure the reason is just how badly the show reinforces the stereotype a lot of us have.

I’m writing this article after watching the first episode and I am speechless. Maybe I can describe it as… different. Yes, different is the word because I never thought that the afro-americans girls had sororities just for them. Actually, this TV show is about the Atlanta African-American Greek community.

Just press play and… enjoy it?