Holiday Edition: The sophisticated Girl!

The clock is definitely ticking and days until christmas and new year are indeed approaching sooner than a blink of an eye. With so much to do and so many gifts to wrap, often times we tend to leave our holiday outfits in the wonderland thoughts and as a result we go completely insane trying to figure out what to wear! Does this scenario sound familiar? if yes, I understand the feeling, completely!!

When it comes to holiday outfits just like everything else in this world, there are different tastes and likes. Many girls love the idea of a colorful outfit or maybe a fun & flirty piece, others might even fall in love with the idea of a sparkly- eye catching piece. On the other hand, you have the girl who is more reserved and would much rather go for a sleek bun, pearl necklace and a black little dress, this style would most definitely be considered a sophisticated look.


Think about clean lines and cuts, classic silhouettes and dark colors…. all that with a modern twist. As stated before, crop tops can be worn all year long always keeping in mind to do it in a classy, sophisticated way.

07 All it takes is one piece to captivate the audience and leave everyone looking your way. Whether it be the clothing, accessories or shoes always remember to wear at least one statement piece, It’ll definitely add life to your look.


To add a festive touch to your look without making your outfit look too flashy, all you have to do is add key pieces like a gold sequined clutch, a nice bracelet and/or ring and of course a nice manicure to go with it.


So there it is chicas, it doesn’t take much to achieve a sophisticated holiday look! remember not to over do it with accessories or makeup, choose one bold piece and rock it. Also, wearing a red lipstick and statement shoes will definitely work in your favor. To achieve a similar look you can get this Bow skirt from (Know Know) similar in leather in chicwish or Gojane. Crop top from (know Know) with a similar version in missguided. To complete this look I wore these super cute and stylish rock-stud heels from Gojane with a similar clutch from Forever21. You can always add your own style to create a more “personalized” look.  Remember to always have fun with what you’re wearing! sometimes it’s not about the clothes, but the way you carry yourself.