Domingo 17 de Febrero 2019

Holiday Edition: The Chic Girl

Holiday Edition: The Chic Girl

What’s not to love about the very so fabulous chic style? I mean when you have it all in one outfit: elegance, class and style, there is absolutely no way anything could ever go wrong. This holiday season you can dress any way your heart desires, but why not add just a sparkle of chic to make your look even more awesome. Dressing chic in no way means that you have to dress in a particular way or follow scripted rules and regulations. The “chic” style is all about being feminine, classy and having self expression, in other words it’s all about YOU what defines you, what you’re comfortable wearing and what flaunts your shape best.

What I love most about the chic style, especially now for the holidays when we want to save as much money as possible for those special presents is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the look you’re going after, is that by adding timeless pieces from your closet and a few “fancy” accessories, you’ll indeed have your look ready in no time.

For this Holiday season all you have to do is add key pieces to your outfit to give it that “festive” feeling. A gold skirt, a red blouse or shiny/sequined accessories will definitely do the trick.

Whether you have a favorite type of skirt or not, this piece will be the ultimate essential item for crafting a sophisticated and polished look! So go ahead chicas and bring out your skater, A-line or pencil skirts and start having fun styling it.

Like mentioned previously, you can incorporate flashy and “christmas” like colors. however, by no means you have to look like a christmas tree. You can choose one key color (Red,white, Gold) and work around those tones.

As usual, don’t forget to accessorize! A simple ring or bracelet depending on the pieces you’re wearing should be just fine. A nice clutch or handbag will add that extra touch of chic, and of course the shoes will ultimately complete the look. You can definitely choose to buy all or some of the pieces I used to create a similar chic look! A similar skirt from (KnowKnow ) at Sheinside can be worn with a strapless  or beaded top from (10Spot) similar at F21. To make a bold statement you can add a Faux leather jacket from CharlotteRusse a Pair of Christian Louboutin pumps and a inspired chanel clutch from Shopdreamdust.