The Affordable Ways to Shop in Style

The Affordable Ways to Shop in Style

OMG Chicas, Can you believe the holiday season is here? Literally!! With this awesome, fun & loving time of the year also comes the stress and headache of finding what to wear to all these holiday events and parties. The affordable way to shop in style is to always keep in mind that there will always be a cheaper version of your favorite label(s) since that Valentino gown that you’ve been dreaming of for months has a price tag of $3,000 (making it nearly impossible for you to afford it). Well Chicas, there’s great news, there is no need to spend our life savings to look stunning. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a super saving diva! You can opt to go to discount stores or outlets rather than the mall and save big bucks by doing so. If there is one rule of thumb that I always go by is that of ” look chic, shop cheap” and I mean that in the most stylish and budget friendly way possible.

Here you have a few options and ideas when it comes to saving big bucks and still looking trendy and chic especially for the upcoming festivities (all under $60) If you have a pair of black or nude pumps, a clutch and necklace in your closet then you’re pretty much ready to party while having extra cash left in your wallet for all your other necessities.

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There is a wide variety of really cute and cool shoes  at affordable prices that will go perfect with your outfit of choice. Another alternative when shopping or looking for shoes on a budget is to definitely go to your nearest cobbler, they will not only make sure that your favorite pair of pumps that have been hiding in your closet for so long get back to you looking brand new, but you will indeed save a lot more than buying new shoes each time you have an event or party.
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Of course, there is no way that we can possibly finalize our look without the perfect accessories. As mentioned above, you can definitely choose items from your previous purchases instead of buying new ones. A great way to save on accessories and jewelry is to go to your local pawn shop or thrift stores. Venture out of your comfort zone, there are amazing deals out there you just have to be willing to look for them.

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