Fashion Look: Easy & Effortless Chic!

Don’t we all just wish it would be as simple as rolling out of bed and just magically wake up flawless like Beyoncé? wishful thinking, right? well, not really! sometimes we just tend to make things a tad bit more complicated than they should be, and choosing an outfit should in no way be one of them. Here you will find a  few helpful tips to looking awesome in an easy and effortless chic way.

With days getting colder and shorter, it can absolutely be a great struggle to find the perfect outfit that will transition our day to night look without having to go home and change. When deciding what to wear it is very important to try and not get overwhelmed and frustrated, our main goal should always be to look absolutely stunning and chic while putting zero effort. Easier said than done? Yes, but we can definitely give it a try. So lets get in our closets and start hunting for our next outfit!


One of the easiest ways to dress in an effortless yet flawlessly chic way is to be open minded about your options. Don’t be afraid to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans with heels. Always go bold instead of dainty!


A simple sweater with a denim or plaid topwill take you a long way while still looking fabulous. Try not to fall into the “fashion trap” by following the latest trends and breaking the bank. It’s all about what looks good on you and knowing how to work with your body and flaunt it! Don’t be intimidated to try different styles, you’ll be surprised what you might end up liking.


When in Doubt always stick to simplicity. Your outfit can still look polished without trying too hard! Adding a coat with some type of detail to it will always have your outfit look over the top. This cute and trendy fine knit sweater from H&M can easily be paired with a Gap denim top, Jcrew Boyfriend Jeans and a pair of Steve Madden pumps.


Remember chicas,  everyone is unique in their own way embrace that and cultivate your own sense of style. There is no need to spend a fortune on clothing, a simple T-shirt, ripped jeans and cool accessories will help you achieve an effortless look.  You can always substitute the heels for a pair of cute and trendy flats or booties, whatever you feel the most comfortable with.