Miércoles 20 de Marzo 2019

Who should you unfriend on Facebook today?

Who should you unfriend on Facebook today?
Don't worry, just unfriend.

Couple of years back, comedian Jimmy Kimmel had the hilarious idea of the National Unfriend Day, which has become an annual recurrence. The concept is pretty simple: Kimmel encourages all to slim down our list of Facebook friends.

Maybe you have too many “virtual friends” who you’ve never actually met in person. Perhaps 30% of your friends’ list is made of obsessive exes (or exes you are still obsessing about), your mom’s entire cricket club or people you literally have not spoken to in years. Maybe, just maybe all of your Facebook friends are actual friends who just won’t shut up about their kids, meals, breakups, makeups and number of times they go to the bathroom. Whatever the reason, today is the day to just unfriend them.

If you are one of those weird Facebook specimens that hardly ever posts anything and spends very little time surfing other people’s posts- I just don’t understand why you even have a profile. Maybe you should just close it. On a more serious note, the National Unfriend Day is very likely not for you.

On the other hand, if you are a very active user (like me) you might not want the kid you made out with in summer camp when you were 14, to see pictures of your upcoming nuptials. Just do it, unfriend him. While you are at it, get rid of your cousin’s third best friend, who you met briefly at a party ten million years ago and couldn’t spell her own name if it was written in the palm of her hand. The same goes to all candy crushers, relationship centered and those who use Facebook as a personal diary. Go ahead and unfriend them.

If you are freaking out about what “they might think”, don’t. You two are not really friends, if you were she would had stop sending you invitations to every experimental art performance party her weirdo boyfriend puts together, the first…Uhmm, 20 times you politely asked her to. Let her go. If she asks unfriending her on Facebook doesn’t mean you guys can’t totally BBFF’s over coffee in real life.

Happy National Unfriend Day!!