Ten hours of “someone” walking down the street

Who doesn’t love a great remake. Me, that’s who. For the most part I think movie sequels suck and soap opera remakes are bearable at their best. I’m sorry Ugly Betty your scarce funny moments would never top the master piece Colombian original Betty La Fea is. Toma. Remakes, however, are an interesting reminder on the endless creative flow most of humanity has. With that in mind and after the over 35 million views the “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” got, here are the videos it inspired.

The first response the original video got, was the same concept- except this time it was a man walking, instead of a woman (The king, really?)

For all Star Wars fans out there

Karim, from “Are We Famous Now” did an interesting comparison on his version of the video. For the first 5 hours the girl walked the streets of Manhattan wearing pants, a t-shirt and a sweater. For the second half of the video she wore a Burka.

This guy is (apparently) very much Jewish

This guy in a dress (not a drag) took the video to the streets of LA

Model Prankster did his version…and yes, we still think is harassment