The perfect look for a rainy day

Who said rainy days need to be boring. We can totally look cute and stylish even when it rains (hello fall season.) These must have rainy day items we are recommending are not only suitable for the weather but fashion friendly as well.

I absolutely adore these nine west rubber rain boots. You can wear them with jeans or slacks to work.

Nine West Rain Boots

If you love the color white like I do, this rain coat from Terra is the perfect look for you. This hooded 100 % water resistant jacket can be used for a night out as well as a casual look. It is long (perfect) and very easy to clean.

White Rain Jacket

I am a ruffle lover and this umbrella is beyond cute. Umbrellas are of use to keep us dry but why not also turn it into the perfect accessory of the day. You can buy this beauty at Bella Umbrella.

Ruffled Umbrella

It is very important to have a water resistant watch to wear during rainy days. We must always have the ability to keep track of time while ensuring not to damage our watch. This one can be found in Macy’s and it is perfect for a more casual look.

Baby-G Watch

Polka dots are always cute especially if you can accessorize your outfit with it. You can get this cute hat at Village Shop Hat.

Polka Dots Rain Hat