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6 historias de hombres divorciados

6 historias de hombres divorciados
Esas seis ex wifes me caen pésimo.

Las mujeres siempre nos unimos y apoyamos en las rupturas amorosas. Muchas veces sabemos que nuestra amiga se equivocó pero igual nos ponemos de su lado, girl power, right? Pero pocas veces escuchamos la otra parte de la historia y ese chico siempre será un maldito. Sin embargo, los de reddit –we’re such fans- hicieron esta pregunta a sus lectores: Divorced men of reddit, what moment with your future ex-wife made you think “Yup, I’m asking this girl for a divorce.”?

Debo confesar que muchas de las respuestas me hicieron decir “sí, esa podría ser mi amiga“. Porque aunque aún no cumplo 30, tengo varias historias de amigas que ya llevan un divorcio a cuestas. Un par de conocidos hombres se suman a esta lista y los dos bajo la misma razón: infidelidad femenina.

Les mostramos 6 historias que me dejaron sorprendida. No tan sólo porque hay algunas bastante tristes y se nota que ellos quedaron con el corazón roto también. Porque ese es otro tema: a ellos también les rompemos el corazón. Sino porque me dio un poco de verguenza por mi género porque para estos hombres, todas las mujeres somos unas malditas. No puedo dejar pasar esta oportunidad para decirte a ti, ex esposa por si me estás leyendo, eres una mujer malvada. A ti, hombre divorciado, todas las penas de amor pasan y ya llegará la mujer ideal para ti.

1. I had a car accident. I lost my job. I was still depressed about family member passing away. My wife decides she really wants a gold watch that costs $999. I tell her I can’t afford to spend money on something like that in our current situation. She shuts herself in the bathroom to cry. That was the first time I didn’t react to that tactics. She comes out few hours later and asks me outright if I want a divorce. This wasn’t even on my mind until that point. But that was the moment I knew.

2. Came home from a seven month deployment overseas to a five month pregnant wife. I’m no mathematician but I figured that one out.

3. She called the police to say she suspected me of abusing our child. They arrested me, investigated, apologized and released me. One hell of a way to get attention.

4. I didn’t know it at the time, but looking back, it was when our 2-year-old daughter died. Things changed at that moment. That was five years ago. We lumped along for awhile pretending everything was OK and I actually believed everything was going to be OK. Earlier this year she told me out of the blue that she didn’t love me anymore, hadn’t for a long time, and she was leaving me. She left.

5. Probably when she punched me in the face when I was asleep in bed. She had broken my nose about 2 months earlier when she was drunk and pissed off and I had told her that the next time would be the last. I called the cops on her and she was arrested, looked like some kind of wild banshee being hauled off into the night. It was a pretty easy decision to file for divorce at that point since we had no children. Together 6 years married 1 1/2.

6. The minute Child Protective Services showed up at our door because she had a habit of leaving them unattended in public. Also the morning she woke up and looked at me and said “I’m done, I don’t want to be here anymore.” What a mess.

Si eres como yo y te gustaría leer más historias como estas, este es el link original de Reddit.