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Meet Gaby Natale from Latina to Latinos

Meet Gaby Natale from Latina to Latinos
Influencing Latinas in all the right ways

Latina beauty Gaby Natale is an entrepreneur, media personality and celebrity blogger. She is the host of the show SuperLatina, the six-time Emmy -nominated syndicated TV talk show.

She is also the co-founder and President AGANARmedia, a content development and grassroots marketing company with a focus on Hispanic audiences. Gaby is one of the few women in the entertainment industry who owns not only the rights to her TV show but also a television studio. This unique situation has allowed her to combine her passion for media and entrepreneurial spirit.

I personally think Gaby is such a big positive influence for many aspiring Latina’s who want to follow her steps whether is in television or in business. However, I was very interested in knowing more about the city of Dallas including her as their first ever “Dallas BIG Influence” this year and what does this mean to her and her career.

Chica Fresh: Gaby, please share with us what the “Dallas BIG Influence” recognition is and how were you chosen?

Gaby Natale:  How I was chosen that I don’t know and not sure about the selection process. The city made the selection. For me, it is really special because Dallas has not only open doors for my show SuperLatina but also for my marketing & content development company. I think the fact that the city is recognizing Latinos and their contributions to the city is amazing. It shows the appreciation and diversity that the city offers.


CF: How did you feel being honored by your city? 

GN: It feels amazing!!! I moved to the city in 2009 when the show was picked up by the city. Now the show went national in July we started airing in 43 markets across the United States and in Puerto Rico. Soon we will start airing in other countries as well. The fact that we are doing a show by Latinos for Latinos from Dallas and the only Spanish language show that is national from this city is just amazing. I think that what we are seeing now in Dallas is just the beginning. There are so many opportunities that Dallas is offering that are there for people to grab them and take advantage especially the Hispanic community.


CF: Do you think this impacted your career in anyway?

GN: This recognition contributes to the growth of the TV show. It is also validation of an effort that we have been doing for now 7 years.


CF: We know you have a passion for television and business. Did you always like this field or was their another career you ever thought of doing?

GN: Not at all! I grew up a lot around 2 lawyers therefore television was something that was not even considered in my home. In fact my bachelors degree is in international relations. When I was studying to earn my Bachelors degree I went as an exchange student to London during my trip I was exposed to the London Film Festival. London is really expensive and while I was there the little money I had I would spend it at the film festival and watched documentaries. This opened up a new passion of exploration of wanting to know what is in other counties, etc. So, after I graduated and came back I said this has to mean something  and that’s when I decided after graduation to get a Master’s in Journalism. It is funny because while I was going to school during the day to earn my BA in International Relations at night I was studying production. I love creating content and when I started studying Journalism that’s when I discovered that Journalism is what I love.


CF: What is the one thing you love about your career and why?

GN: The one thing I love about my career is that our job is to create content by doing, mixing and experiencing extraordinary things. It’s amazing that we are a witness first hand to things that are happening in history,cultures, people who are champions in their field, fascinating people around the world. To talk to them, be there at the right place and at the right time is our job. The fascinating thing is how you create that concept that is going to be engaging to your audience and that is going to be culturally relevant.It’s always a challenge like a mind game the creating process and I think is the most fascinating other part of my job which is working with clients and companies.