Laura Posada Life Coach Leading by Example

Laura Posada is a mom, an attorney, a certified master coach, a certified personal trainer a family health and fitness activist, a TV personality, and a philanthropic icon. She’s not just another “famous” woman, but one who lives what she preaches.

Laura graduated from Loyola University with a bachelor in Communications as well as Loyola’s College of Law. During that time she met her husband Jorge Posada who was starting his career as the catcher for the New York Yankees. The life of this inspiring woman changed drastically when she found out her first son was born with craniosynostosis a condition that occurs when the bones surrounding the brain fuse together before the brain has stopped growing.  This experience not only changed her life but also showed her how to be strong for her family and molded her into the woman she is today. I have had the pleasure of speaking to Laura more than once and her story is truly one that inspires me every day. When in doubt I feel like quitting during any obstacles at one point or another I remember her story. I know from personal experience what it is to give birth to a child who is sick from birth and it could be a very frightening experience.  Therefore, it is a pleasure for me to share Laura Posada’s story and interviewing her for Chica Fresh:

Chica Fresh: What was the first thought that went through your mind when you found out about your son’s medical condition?

Laura Posada: My mind went to a negative place. I didn’t understand why this was happening with my first child and I was very frustrated. That condition was to me was like entering a totally unknown place and most importantly a condition that I couldn’t control… Definitely, to me was like a nightmare.

CF: How did you move forward and confronted that situation? During that time and just becoming a mom for the first time I can imagine that it was a very joyful yet worrying time not knowing how the life of your son would be after his first operation.

LP: I moved forward by dedicating my time on his health and recovery. Besides, I always ensured to take a few minutes in the day to dedicate to myself and let go of all the tension. Usually, I used exercise to maintain a good mental health in those difficult times. In those minutes I would take for myself I accomplished to maintain my mind occupied with something else rather than focusing on the pain my heart was feeling.

CF: Laura you have many talents & experience in different areas within the communications field. When did you decide or what inspired you to be a Life Coach?

LP: Every experience that I have had in my life has led me to become a Life Coach. When I incorporate my education as a lawyer, my motherly love and the sensibility of a human being that has learned to excel and after seeing the pain in their face, I was able to find a way to maintain a positive mind and move forward and that is something that I offer to all of my clients.

CF: Why do you think having a Life Coach is important?

LP: A life coach as an impartial person that only wants you to succeed and to see you move forward. Besides, you can express yourself more freely since the conversations are confidential. A Life Coach is going to help you explore all the possibilities and make concrete decisions with specific dates and times to put the plan that will benefit you into action.

CF: What message to do you send all those hardworking women that might be going through a hard situation which could be enabling them to reach their goals? 

LP: To always move forward no matter what, to look for the resources that they already have at their reach that can help them and not to focus on the past only in the present & future and to remember that each awakening is a new opportunity.

CF: We are celebrating the Hispanic Heritage month. What do you love the most about being a Latina?

LP: I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and I love being  Latina.  I enjoy the love we have for our families, our traditions, our language, our people and culture.