Wear slip-ons: fashion tip

Here I am, looking through my window wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a sweater. I have a cup of coffee on my desk. Yup, autumn is here and I hate it. I can’t use my gorgeous sandals because it’s too cold. The real problem is I can’t use my boots either because is too hot. What can we do with the I-hate-this-weird weather feeling?  Wear Sneakers! Not literally the sport one –or maybe yes–. Wear slip-ons.

Yes, sneakers have been a huge trend this season. We have been obsessed with the #cozygirl trend . Now we’re talking about the dress sneakers (do they even exist?) aka slip-ons, the ones that need no laces and have a white platform sole. Do you know what are we talking about? Yes, well we love them too.

They are perfect Why? You can use them every day, in any situation because they mix with everything. Even with dresses and skirts! If you don’t feel comfortable with this trend because you think it’s a no-girly-trend, you can try wearing animal print or leather slip-ons. Trust me! They actually are super girly.

“Sneakers have never been more stylish in bold colors and wild snakeskin and animal prints.” If Steve Madden says it…

Love the picture? You can buy them at Zara. Just click here.