The Simpsons: Now, THAT is an Ice Bucket Challenge

Since the Ice Bucket Challenge supporting the ALS cause started on July 15th, there has been endless variations of it: the horse riding #IceBucketChallengeFail; the over-the-top #ALSIceBucketChallenge; The #CelebrityIceBucketChallenge (we sure hope they all donate $$$) and our ultimate favorite the #LetsNotWasteWaterBucketChallenge by Charlie Sheen. There is one celebrity who have just done it better, behold Homer Simpson’s Ice Bucket Challenge:

Actually my money is on Bart, the eternal 10 year-old sure knows how to entertain an audience. Whether the producers of the show actually donate money to the ALS Association is yet to be determined. Please note that no actual animals, people or ice trucks were actually hurt during this challenge- yeah, no real water was wasted either.