Statement necklace: fashion tip

All you need to accessorize your outfit.
Statement necklace: fashion tip
You can wear them all year long.
Foto: Shutterstock

The day isn’t sunny. Actually, it doesn’t look like we’re in summer anymore. You wake up with the I-don’t-know-what-to-wear mood but still need to put some outfit on. I mean, we would love to wear PJs to the office but… Ok, think quickly: use your accessories! Umm meh… Ok. Think again. Use THE accessory: the statement necklace. And there you go!

When you bought it, you thought that maybe it was just too much gold with too huge of a gemstone. But now, you think that this precious jewel just saved your look. How to use it? When your head is in another place and you can’t think about mix and match, wear your classic black outfit –it could be black & white– and use a statement necklace for a color-chic-easy outfit. Ready, set, done.