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Online dating 101

Online dating 101
Surfing the waves of love

Dating in the twenty-first century is not what it used to be, even as little as fifteen years ago. Rather than rely on friends, family members, church groups, or sheer serendipity to help them in their quest for love, millions of people around the world are taking their chances at and investing in online dating. Over the last decade, sites dedicated to helping people find love—such as Chemistry, eHarmony, Match, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid and Zoosk—have flooded the Internet and brought people together who otherwise might have never connected. Statistic Brain reports that forty million people in the United States alone have already tried online dating. According to many estimates, one in four couples now meets online. This trend indicates that the stigma associated with online dating is now a thing of the past and that online dating is the wave of the future. Here are a few reasons why online dating is an excellent option if you are looking for a casual relationship or, perhaps, something more serious.

  • Convenience. Looking for a mate online puts you in control of searching when it is convenient for you: before or after work, on the weekends, late at night, or even on your lunch break. And unlike speed dating or blind dating, you can do it from the comfort of your own home in a more hassle-free environment on your terms. Likewise, if you prefer to take a more passive approach, you have to do very little other than answer email communications once your profile is in the system and active. In an age in which people have tight schedules and are more selective, the Internet makes the impossible much more feasible.
  • Filters. Whether you are looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, searching for your match online allows you to narrow your results down to people with the highest compatibility factor. In addition to the physical connection we all look for, an online profile reveals much about a man’s personality, world view, and values as they relate to our own, which are key in order for any relationship to thrive.
  • Selection. Although Hollywood leads us to believe that we might meet the love of our life at the supermarket produce section or wine tasting in Argentina, reality and statistics indicate otherwise. When you sign up for an online dating service, you become part of a community with similar objectives. Because every site boasts thousands of like-minded members, you increase your chances for finding love by default.

Online dating is a fun and exciting way to connect with potential romantic interests with the click of a mouse and a few strokes of the keyboard, which can then turn into a heart-pounding first date . Every day that you are part of the service you choose brings new opportunities and renewed hope that maybe today is the day you find love!