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How birth control may make him more appealing…or not!

How birth control may make him more appealing…or not!

Researchers have concluded that women who take the pill as a form of birth control are more likely to find men with lower levels of testosterone more attractive. These same women are also more likely to stay in a relationship for up to two years longer even though sex is not considered satisfying and the sexual spark has not been ignited for some time.

A recent study showed that women who did not use the pill as a form of contraception were happier with their choice in a partner than women who choose their male partners while taking the pill. Women on the pill admitted they found sex less satisfying, and were less attracted to their partners, but found nonsexual aspects of the relationship, such as financial support, more pleasing. For this reason women taking the pill were more likely to stay with their partner.

Scientists say that hormones found in the pill play a large part in how a women views love, sex, and inevitably, the type of man she is attracted to. When a women stops taking the pill, her once attractive partner is often seen in a different, and sometimes less attractive light. Although the exact biology behind these hormones are not known, scientists do agree that hormones influence the characteristics a woman finds attractive in a man.

Of course, not every woman who takes the birth control pill will experience the same effects. Doctors suggest that pill-taking women, who think they’re ready to settle down with their partner, should try non-hormonal contraceptives or use condoms as an alternative form of birth control for several months to see if they still feel the same way.

Ohio State University Medical Center doctor Jonathan Schaffir, tells LiveScience, “I don’t want women to have the impression that they shouldn’t use reliable birth control because of dubious psychosocial effects.”

About the pill

If you are considering the pill, there are two main types to be aware of. There is one type of pill that contains both progestin and estrogen and another type of minipill that contains only progestin. The combination pills are further categorized according to hormone dosage, those being:

Monophasic pills: offers the same balance of hormones in each active pill

Multiphasic pills: offers a different balance of hormones in each active pill

Women interested in combination birth control pills can choose low-dose pills, an ideal pill for women who are sensitive to hormones. Women who opt for the minipill are committed to the single active formulation.

Scientific advancements have created a low-does pill referred to as the No-Period, No-PMS Birth Control Pill. These pills are created with a slightly different hormone formulation and fewer non-active pills. Not only are periods lighter, moods swings and other physical symtoms such as acne and PMS are also lessened.